~ Type and Stats ~Edit

HP: 68

Skitsol flailure XD

Attack: 41

Defense: 45

Sp. Attack: 38

Sp. Def: 50

Speed: 39

Type: Normal/Dark

~ Evolution Method ~Edit

Evolves into Delsol with a Moon Stone.

~ Abilities ~Edit

Cute Charm - Infuates opponent if physical contact is made

Slash Claw - Powers up slash-based moves

HIDDEN ~ Defiant - Powers up moves under 50% HP.

~ Pokedex ~Edit

Skitsol, the Nocturnal Pokemon

Skitsol uses its horn to sense oncoming storms. It comes out at night only, looking for plants to eat. Its skittish nature makes t hard to catch, and it often runs away from attackers.

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