Spr 4d 197 s

Red-Ringed Umbreon.

Base StatsEdit

HP: 110

Atk: 60

Def: 130

SpA: 65

SpD: 95

Spe: 65

BST: 525



Evo methodEdit

Level up Eevee at 0 Happiness in the night. Evolves into Bleedeon with 10 Happiness at night, at level 90+. Level up at 255 Happiness at Night and you get Umbreon.

Dex EntryEdit

The Red-Ringed Umbreon, or the Lonely Pokemon, is a very strange creature. It's usually angry in nature, and is unknown to many people. If you get one, treat it with love and it might turn into a normal Umbreon. If you don't, it'll make numerous attempts to destroy your system, and the Pokedex will go first. Then the Pokegear. Then all other items. Soon, interactions won't work other than turning to it, and pressing A. If you fail to do this, it sucks you in, and gives you one last chance to live. If you decline to be its friend, you will be slowly killed, and your family too. 

Pokemon ReverseEdit

The Red-Ringed Umbreon... I'm too scared to make the entry, good bye!

Other InfoEdit

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 59.0 lb.

Gender Ratio: 50 M/50 F