~ Type & Stats ~Edit

Attack: 355
Nidonine female

Defense: 450

Sp. Attack: 300

Sp.  Def.: 500

Speed: 300

Type: Poison

~ Evolution Method ~Edit

Evolves from Nidorithe'at Level 28.

~ Abilities ~Edit

Poison Point - Contact with the Pokémon may poison the foe.

Early Bird - The Pokémon awakens quickly from sleep.

HIDDEN ~ Oblivious - Prevents the Pokémon from becoming infatuated.

~ Pokedex Entry ~Edit

Nidonine, the Poison Pokemon

Nidonineis one of the fastest Pokemon in the world. It runs swiftly through forests, and is so fast it can run over lakes.

Color: Blue

Height: 7'00"

Weight: 189 lbs.