~ Type and Stats ~Edit

HP: 76 
Spr 5b 196

Foxeon is flailiure :3 Espeon + Flareon

Attack: 78

Defense: 78

Sp. Attack: 64

Sp. Defense: 80

Speed: 120

Type: Normal

~ Abilities ~Edit

Fox Growl ~ Lowers opponent's Defense and raises Foxeon's Defense when sent out

Critical Shield ~ Lowers chances of critical hits against the Pokemon with this ability

HIDDEN: Huge Power ~ Raises the Pokemon's Attack stat

~ Evolution Method ~Edit

Give Eevee Shiny Stone any time of day, any happiness.

~ Pokedex ~Edit

Foxeon, the Normal Fox Pokemon.

Foxeon is a relatively new Pokemon, but is already swarming the forests. It is said to have been a mutated Eevee, but that is unknown.

COLOR: Brown

HEIGHT: 2'05"

WEIGHT: 60 lbs.

GENDER RATIO: 87.5% male,12.5% female