Base StatsEdit

HP: 120

Atk: 250

Def: 125

Sp Atk: 270

Sp Def: 115

Spe: 235

BST: 1125




Bleeding - Lowers the opponent's Defense, Attack, SpD, SpA, and Speed by 3 stages upon entry.

Dex Entry and Other InfoEdit

Dex entryEdit

Bleedeon, the bleeding Pokemon, is a sad specimen most of the time. Don't go near it when it's angry, or it will make you spontaneously bleed out of all orfaces. When you raise it right, it will grow attatched to you and will fight harder. If not, however, it will grow weaker until any attempt at attacking fails. Seems to hate thunderstorms, and is always sheltering in the rain to protect it's front, which is always bleeding. Their genders are 50/50, which is odd for the Eevee family, as most eeveelutions other than this for the sole exception of Unknowneon, have 87.5% Male/12.5% Female, while Unknowneon has 90 M/10 F.

Other InfoEdit

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 51.9 lb.

Gender Ratio: 50% Male, 50% Female.